‘I resold a £8 shirt for £135 – its worth lots due to a little-known detail’

One thrift shopper is sharing how he managed to make the equivalent of over £200 from flipping clothes bought from charity shops.

Matt is a content creator on TikTok who shares his experience flipping items to make a sizable amount of money and savings.

Flipping is when someone purchases products, often for a cheap price, to resell them quickly for profit.

As thrifting becomes a popular trend on social media, content creators are breaking down how much they are able to make.

In a recent video, Matt highlighted the five pieces of clothing he bought while thrift shopping with one £8 shirt reselling for £135.

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The content creator explained: “Here are five of my favourite items that sold today as a reseller.

“First, I sold these waterproof pants by the brand Footjoy. They sold for $35 (£27.92) on eBay, and I paid $8 (£6.38) for them. They are lightweight to ship.

“Next, is this Nike tech fleece. I sold this hoodie for $57 (£45.47) on Poshmark. I paid $6 (£4.79) for it.

“When you’re out there thrifting, make sure you are looking out for that red tag because they always sell really well.”

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His next favourite resale featured in the video was a multicoloured flannel shirt from the brand Needles.

Matt originally paid $11 (£8.78) on his thrifting spree but was able to resell it for a staggering $170 (£135.62) on Grailed.

According to the TikTokker, the rapper ASAP Rocky wore a similar flannel shirt when appearing on stage.

The reseller added: “I also sold these cos mules. They sold for $70 (£55.84) on Grailed but only paid $20 (£15.95) for them.

“With the popularity of Birkenstocks and Suicokes [shoe brands], I knew I had to pick them up.

“Lastly, a brand I find in thrifts all the time is John Elliot. I picked up these shorts for $11 and sold them for $70 on eBay.

“I always pick this brand up if I find it for a good price. So after costs like shipping and fees, I made $258.06 (£205.86).

Those interested in learning more thrifting and reselling tips can follow Matt on his TikTok channel (@sandythreadz).

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