I own an electric car and the reality is a total nightmare – I spend hours sitting outside Lidl waiting for it to charge | The Sun

A DRIVER has revealed the bum-numbing reality of owning an electric vehicle – as she spends hours going nowhere.

The TikTok video posted by Maddie shows her sat in her electric vehicle (EV) waiting for it to charge.

In the clip Maddie complains that she is parked up outside a supermarket waiting for the EV to charge. She adopted a sarcastic tone during the clip.

She said: "Let me tell you this is the reality of having an electric car. I'm parked up outside Lidl just chilling in me car.

"I have been here half and hour and it only charged 20 per cent so real good use of my time

"Glad I have I have nothing better to do on a Monday evening."

One TikTok user advised Maddie to use a Tesla charger.

A recent survey by Auto Trader found that many Brits were apprehensive of the move to EVs due to issues around charging them and the cost of purchase.

EV's are on average around one third more expensive than their petrol and diesel equivalent. However the price of used EV's has fallenover recent years, making them an attractive alternative.

However issues remain around charging EVs and many Brits perceive this as a hurdle.

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Auto Trader is now calling for the Government to make EVs more affordable by using incentives in the tax system.

The sale of new petrol and diesel cars in the UK will be banned from
2030 in the UK.

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