I'm a cleaning expert… here's my £5 hack for removing disgusting stains on your car seats | The Sun

A CLEANING whizz has revealed an incredible £5 hack that will leave your car seats spotless.

TikToker Qua took to social media to demonstrate how she cleans "disgusting" car seat stains for cheap.

The blogger used Chase's glass cleaner and a scrubbing brush to get the seats back looking new.

She explained: "We’re trying a five dollar hack to clean my seats.

"I’ve had my car for ten years so there’s a lot of stains.

"I basically just sprayed all the seats and scrubbed them.

"I went back and forth and in a circular motion as well.

"You can literally see the foam pulling the first out. I thought it was so cool."

Another cleaning whizz took to TikTok to show users that they can clean their car seats with a spray of white vinegar and a sponge.

In the video, she applies the product to the sponge and then rubs the sponge over the steering wheel, armrests, and seats.

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