‘Tried and tested’ household item is the ‘best’ product to clean shower screens

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Whatever your preferred shower screen looks like, keeping it clean helps maintain a bathroom’s appearance. 

Regular cleaning will eliminate streaks, watermarks and soap suds from the shower door or screen. 

Kerry Hale at Mira Showers claimed that households should try to use natural products before reaching for chemical-filled solutions.

She said: “Before reaching for harsh cleaning chemicals, use white vinegar. This tried and tested household product is the best way to clean a shower screen and is highly effective at removing limescale.”

There are different types of vinegar, so knowing the right one to use is important. The expert insisted: “Always use distilled white vinegar as malt or cider vinegar won’t clean as thoroughly and may stain surfaces.”

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There are eight things that are needed to get a shower glass “sparkling”. This includes: 

  • Spray bottle 
  • Distilled white vinegar 
  • Water 
  • Gloves 
  • Cotton cloth 
  • Microfibre cloth 
  • Squeegee 

Start by mixing equal parts of water and white vinegar, then add the mixture to a spray bottle. 

Spray the shower screen with the mixture, ensuring all glass surfaces are entirely covered. 

Then use a cotton cloth to wipe down the glass. If any “stubborn stains won’t come off”, pour the mixture onto a cloth and scrub the affected area, taking care not to damage the glass. 

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Finish off by using a squeegee over the area to remove excess water, then gently buff with a microfibre cloth to make the glass shine.  

Instead of having to remove stubborn stains from shower screens daily, the expert suggested following some “simple preventative measures” to avoid limescale and watermarks appearing so soon.

Regular cleaning 

A squeegee is one of the “most practical and affordable” items that can “prevent watermarks and limescale” from reappearing on shower doors. 

Some feature a holder that sticks to the shower wall, making them easy to use every time you shower.

After showering, squeegee all the moisture off the enclosure to stop watermarks from appearing. 

Good ventilation 

Keep the bathroom well-ventilated to help water evaporate quickly from the shower screen. Droplet marks are more likely to appear when water sits on the glass for long periods.   

Buy a water softener 

Alternatively, households could buy a water softener machine if they live in an area with hard water. Hard water can cause damage to pipes and appliances and dry out your hair and skin, so this may be a worthwhile investment. 

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